My iPad will not support the latest iOS

Apple does not support older models of iPad indefinitely. When support stops, there will be no more security updates. Some apps will work indefinitely. But other apps may well stop working, and even disappear from your iPad.

iPads last a long time, especially if well cared for, so the answer to “Can I keep using my out of date iPad?” is “It depends”

  • Do you use your iPad in coffee shops, on the train or in other public places connecting to wi-fi?
  • Do you use your iPad for financial transactions? Or Internet banking?
  • Do you use your iPad to run your business, accessing sensitive customer data?
  • Have your favourite apps stopped working because they are no longer supported?
  • Do your favourite apps keep crashing?

If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then it may be time to swap your old iPad for a new iPad.

Each release of iOS addresses various security concerns, so theoretically, the more recent the iOS, the more secure it is.

What iOS is running on your iPad?

To find out more about your iPad, see Find my iOS