Cloud storage

What is cloud storage?



What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is basically data storage on someone’s server which you have access to. This storage can be free or paid for. The advantages of cloud storage are that you can access your data from anywhere (providing you know your username and password). This can also be useful if you use a desktop computer at home and a laptop, or you want to upload your photos from your phone.

Do I need cloud storage?

If you can answer YES to one or more of these questions, then you will need cloud storage

  • Do you have a Chromebook?
  • Do you have Windows laptop with a small hard drive?
  • Do you want to access your documents on several devices (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet)?
  • Do you want to automatically upload photos from your phone, rather than plugging your phone into your computer?
  • Do you want offsite backup for your data?

Who provides cloud storage?

There are several providers of cloud storage, some provide a free offering, but if your want to store a serious amount of data, you will need to pay a subscription to use the service. This is often when you want to store/backup photos and videos.


Free data





2TB for £7.99 per month

Sign up for a basic account:

Integrates well will Apple devices, Android, Windows PCs, Chromebook

Onedrive (Microsoft)


1TB for £5.99 per month

100GB for £1.99 per month

The paid for version also includes Office 365 which can be installed on several devices.

Pricing: Compare OneDrive Cloud Storage Plans | OneDrive Pricing (




2TB for £7.99 per month

100GB for £1.59 per month

To access this, you will need a Gmail address

Pricing : Plans – Google One

Sign up for a Google account:




50 GB£0.79
200 GB: £2.49
2 TB: £6.99

Great solution if you have Apple devices. The %GB storage comes when you sign up for an Apple account, and you will be give an option to subscribe to extra storage when necessary.

Note: there are other cloud storage solutions available. Some broadband providers offer cloud storage, but bear in mind that when you change supplier, you will have a lot of data to move.