About Margot’s IT Support

We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” – Stephen Hawking

Once upon a time, it was possible to conduct one’s financial affairs just using a signature and cash was king. But now, the world is changing with the growth of the Internet, libraries are being replaced by Google, signatures are being replaced by passwords and PINs, we can communicate with each other by email and even talk directly with our friends and loved ones across the globe using Skype and Facetime. The Internet has become a vast, virtual neural mesh covering the whole globe.

At Margot’s IT Support, we provide a friendly and personal service, to help our customers to stay connected, advise our customers how to protect their data and conduct financial transactions safely. We offer tuition and coaching for using computers and laptops.

Margot’s IT Support is part of the Surrey Systems Partnership and our focus is home users, although we do support small businesses as well.

Margot’s IT Support is run by Margaret (Margot) who has spent many years working in IT, developing systems and providing IT support, fixing computers, listening to users and making computer systems accessible to everyone. Margaret believes passionately that everyone should be able to use the new technologies. As Margaret says “I drive a car, but do not expect to have to understand what happens under the bonnet, that is the job of the garage technicians. Likewise, for most people, the new technologies if the internet and computers should help people, but my job is to keep systems running so my customers can get on with their lives”

We have introduced a system of clear pricing and services that we offer.